12 thoughts on “Instagram: 3 Tips to Increase Engagement”

  1. Hey, This is a really great start for a photography blog. I like your honesty and the advice is well thought out. I would suggest adding more information to your about page (where you’re based, favourite places you’ve visited etc.) so your readers can connect more and ask questions. I love the idea of building an inclusive community.

    To build your blog I would recommend keep doing what your doing and if your serious about growing the reach buying a WordPress domain makes a big difference. Also collaboration is a brilliant way to keep inspired and engage readers. You have a great knowledge when it comes to Instagram so sharing your skills (like this post) and exchanging them is a great idea. For example I could do a couple of photography posts on your Instagram and you could write blog posts that I could publish on my blog. Hope this helps!


    1. Thank you very much for the awesome feedback and valuable tips!

      I like your idea of reblogging and reposting. I would really like to see your gallery on Instagram. If you want, share your Instagram user name with me and I will check your photographs out and follow up on the repost

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      1. No problem, you’ve definitely got a consistent writing style that works really well, my Instagram is @madisonbeachphotos I think my photos from Iceland and Japan would work well but it’s up to you 🙂 if you write up something photography related and send it to me I will blog it, I get around 6000 views a month so it should get your blog going 🙂


  2. Nice one you got here!!
    But there are thosse of us that are just suckers for cameras, It’s both a hobby and a proffession so we shoot almost everything, anyything that catches our interest, from flowers, to portraits, fashion, sometimes a friend’s wedding. most times the colour tones palletes will definitely be different, composition tweaked a lot to express the creativity or ideas we had when we shot. What then do we call “our style”?
    How else can we make our pictures consistent

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    1. That’s a great question and thank you very much for asking. I will give you a few tips and I will surely write a more in depth article on the following days.
      Firstly, I would stick to few genres if you can – eh street and lifestyle. Then I would try to shoot at a consistent time of the day. Light looks similar at certain hours – e.g. Sunset is warmer, mid of the day is harsher. I would also use post processing presets if you have an editing software. Finally, the more you photograph, the more you can filter your photos and choose the Ines which look consistent.

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      1. and for those like me that shoot indoors, with controlled lights for different effects?
        But I think I totally get your point, thanks

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      2. Well for you, finding your own style is a matter of creativity. If you go back to renaissance painters we still remember their names due to heir composition techniques, colours or even lighting effects. Think about Tiziano, he is still known for his vivid red, for example.
        I am sure that you could use a very specific lightening setup, which can become your peculiarity. Of course you should also maintain the flexibility to adapt your style to the needs of a specific session.

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