Time is a Luxury

A street portrait of a man under special light in the historic city centre of Rome

After a long time, I am finally back and I will try my best to update this blog regularly. The past five moths taught me the importance of time and how crucial time management can possibly be. Have a look at this post to find out why time is a luxury in photography!

What Is Street Photography?

Franco Fontana's photograph, which shows crossing lines and the shadows of several subjects

Street photography is a very difficult genre to defined. Historically,  it has evolved from photo documentary. However,Street photography has been categorised too strictly over time. We should bust some myths.

Learn from the Masters: Ferdinando Scianna

Ferdinando Scianna's black and white image of free fish in Sicily

This is the first article of the new series: "Learn from the Masters". In this series I will introduce you to some of the most famous photographers of our era, who shaped street photography and photojournalism. Today, we will meet Ferdinando Scianna, a great master, who can teach us important lessons on the intangible aspects of photography.