3 Reasons To Attend a Workshop

A street photograph of a man fixing his bike in Villa Borghese Gardens, Rome, Italy

I would like to share with you which have been the best aspects of taking part in a workshop, so that you might take them into account the next time you are wondering whether to attend a photography class or not.

How to Transmit a Feeling By Manipulating Contrast

A black and white photograph of a man's silhouette against a bright background

Even a small change in contrast has a sever impact on the image, which may alter the way we transmit a feeling through the photograph substantially. Let's try to analyse how we can manipulate contrast in order to change the mood of an image.

The Importance of Having an Objective

A black and white cityscape of Saint Peter Basilica, framed inside the arch of bridge

I believe that working on any genre - street photography especially - with a crystal clear objective in mind is probably the single most important ingredient to success.

What Is Street Photography?

Franco Fontana's photograph, which shows crossing lines and the shadows of several subjects

Street photography is a very difficult genre to defined. Historically,  it has evolved from photo documentary. However,Street photography has been categorised too strictly over time. We should bust some myths.

3 Tips to Be More Productive When Making Street Photographs

A black and white long exposure street photograph of two men training at Villa Borghese Gardens, Rome

Street photography can be an incredibly demanding and overwhelming genre. I would like to share with you 3 tips to make you more efficient and productive when making street photographs.

Photography Basics and Street Photography: Aperture

A black and white street photograph of three guys, riding kind of a bike at Villa Borghese Gardens, Rome

This is the second article of a the series: 'Photography Basics'. Today we will talk about the aperture and how this impacts on the photograph sharpness and depth of field. We will also discuss how to use it to be more creating when making street photography.

Why Equipment Matters

Does equipment matter? This is such a recurring question that I wanted to share my opinion with you!